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In & Out In Record Time.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team will ensure that you are kept up to date with the entire repair process.  The timeous repair of your vehicle is of the utmost importance to us.

On-Site Experts & Services

Our highly trained staff are ready and able to advise, support or refer you to our one of our specialized departments to shorten the process of repair as much as possible.

Repair Services

A top class facility is at your disposal for any and all auto-body repair services that may be required.

A Smart Workshop To Repair Your Car When Necessary.

Located in Greenstone Hill, our ultra modern facility covers more than 1500 square meters and includes fully imported computerized equipment expertly operated, allowing us to carry out sophisticated repairs.

Our team of specialists utilize top of the range equipment to ensure the highest standard of quality is always met.


You are in good hands. Our comprehensive service offering ensures all your needs are fullfilled.

Towing Service

Utilize our 24 Hour tow in service for complete peace of mind.

Rental Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles are at your disposal while your repairs are made.

Secure Vehicle Storage

Fully secured and guarded vehicle storage at all times.

Client Collection or Drop Off

Drivers are standing by to collect or drop you off where ever you may need.

State of the art quoting

Our advanced Audatex quoting system, ensures complete accuracy.

Telephonic & SMS updates

Our service consultants will keep you in perfect sync with the repair process.

Happy Customers

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Our Process



At this primary stage, damaged panels are removed and the vehicle is prepared for the panel work to follow.

Panel Repair Work

All panel repair work is undertaken by a highly skilled and qualified team using the latest
computerised equipment.

Paint Work Process

Equipment includes state-of-the-art vacuum systems which eliminate dust, with infrared
lighting for efficient curing of primer.

Spray Painting and Baking

Specialized personnel electronically mix manufacturer-approved paint through a
waterborne system which ensures the removal of dangerous toxins from the environment. Each colour is meticulously matched to each vehicle through an intricate computerized selection and mixing system.


Repaired panels and parts are carefully re-fitted to the vehicle. Specialists in this area of
production ensure attention to every detail as the vehicle repair process come to an end.

Auto Electrical, Diagnostics and
Final Adjustment

The vehicle is then checked for any remaining mechanical work which may be required to be completed, as well as auto electrical checks for airbags, etc. Final adjustments are made to bring all the work to completion and the vehicle is then ready for polishing.

Quality Control

Though the vehicle passes through various quality checkpoints throughout the process, a dedicated quality controller will put the vehicle through a stringent final check as part of the conclusionary process, before the client is contacted for collection.


Vehicles that are ready for collection are presented in our “Delivery Showroom” and clients can inspect their vehicles in a clean and controlled environment before the final sign-off .

Happy Customers

“It was a absolute pleasure to work with a company that regards it’s clients and their needs so highly. I was kept up to date with the progress of my vehicle repairs and I knew exactly in which phase my car was. The swift and professional service can definitely be recommended.” 

Joel Marshall

“I could not be happier with how my car was returned to me. It was like it was brand new. I always felt informed, secure and confidant that everything was under control. The service advisers and repair team went well above the service one normally expects. Thank you for professionalism and promtness.   “

Rita Scheepers

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